5000 Periscope Followers RUS for $45

5000 Periscope Followers RUS
max order 50000

Periscope – application of Twitter developers, which makes it possible to carry out real-time broadcast video from various devices. Let us not hide the fact that the developers have created a kind of “Video Instagram.” It is this characteristic of the service can be given after a short evaluation – there is a familiar husky and followers, as well as a kind of tape.

An interesting service concept makes it attractive for business. Cheat subscribers to the periscope will allow you to attract new customers and make your account more presentable.

What makes the service really interesting – is that you can ask questions directly during the broadcast that allows its author to achieve feedback from its subscribers.

The app has received considerable popularity due to the fact that it is quite convenient and thoughtful. To start the broadcast – just touch the big red button.by: extremalspeedCreated: –Category: Social NetworksViewed: 630

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