Will Suggest Natural Remedies For Your Health Problems for $5

I will give you advice regarding how to get rid of some health issues like
Cold,Cough,Fever,Head ace,Diabetes,Tooth ace,Back pain,Eye & Ear pain,Throat Pain,etc

Sample Remedy
If you have persistent cough (Throat Pain), you can follow the below method to get immediate rid from it.
Required items
1.Hot milk=100 ml
2.Turmeric Powder=1/2 tablespoon
3.Pepper powder=1 tablespoon
4.Optional:If you want sweetness to the milk add 1 tablespoon of honey or 1 tablespoon of Palm Sugar (Noteon’t use normal white sugar)
Heat the milk->Add turmeric powder and stir well->Then Add pepper powder->after complete boiling of milk along with the mixture strain the milk to remove pepper remains.Drink it for two days before sleep at night.You can have this milk recipe regularly to get sweet sharp voice.Try This method which is 100% safe and health guaranteed without any side effects.

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