10 Months Web Traffic To Your Website, Blog or Affiliate Link for $30

An Interweb Advertising Account Is Required To Use This Service For Website Traffic
If you are struggling with a small business and need more potential customers coming to your website and learning about you and your products and services then this is exactly the guaranteed traffic source you need to bring in all the work and orders you can handle. Buying this traffic will be the difference in just trying to succeed and actually succeeding.

Your website will be shown via Interweb Advertising on many Paid To Click, Revenue Share and Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges the duration of each visit will vary from 10 seconds per visit to 180 seconds per visit. View The Coop Exchange In Action HERE

The Great Features of This ServiceOther Website Traffic Plans Available​Each Visit Duration: 10 Seconds – 180 SecondsCLICK HERE To Buy 1 Month Website Traffic for $3Receive 300 Days Real Visitors To Your WebsiteCLICK HERE To Buy 2 Months Website Traffic for $6Your Website is Advertised On 4,500+ Websites​CLICK HERE To Buy 3 Months Website Traffic for $9Visitors Can Be Tracked On Google Analytics​CLICK HERE To Buy 4 Months Website Traffic for $12Live Campaign Stats On Interweb Advertising​CLICK HERE To Buy 5 Months Website Traffic for $15Receive Real Human Website Visitors​CLICK HERE To Buy 6 Months Website Traffic for $18All Orders Are Processed Mon-Fri ​CLICK HERE To Buy 7 Months Website Traffic for $21Promoted On Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges,​CLICK HERE To Buy 8 Months Website Traffic for $24Paid To Click And Revenue Sharing Websites. ​CLICK HERE To Buy 9 Months Website Traffic for $27Win up to £50 with the Interweb Advertising​You Are Viewing 10 Months Website Traffic for $30referral competition. To sign up CLICK HERE​CLICK HERE To Buy 11 Months Website Traffic for $33Optional Extra Addon Services Available​CLICK HERE To Buy 12 Months Website Traffic for $36******************************************************************************************************************​
Receive 15% Commission When You Promote This Website Traffic Service
Simply Place The URL Below On Your Website And Replace 301060 With Your Own SEOClerks Affiliate ID
******************************************************************************************************************​GET NOTICED Your website is added in to a page running 24/7 on several high-traffic websites, including Paid to Click, Revenue Share & manual surf exchange sites. Every time the page is viewed it shows each slot in order, equally. Giving exposure.HOW IT WORKS My company pays for advertising slots on many high traffic websites and use our page to advertise our customers websites, the page runs 24/7/365 sending our customers guaranteed real visitors giving conversions.FAST APPROVAL Orders are processed in a matter of minutes or up to 12 hours from ordering. All you do is place your order and your slot will be added into Interweb Advertising. View DemoVISITOR STATISTICS A campaign will be created for you on Interweb Advertising where you can view how many visitors have viewed your website and when your ad will expire.INCREASE TRAFFIC Thousands of potential customers and referrals see your website (from several high-traffic websites). Getting your website or landing page seen in dozens of sites, by thousands of people, maximizing your business web exposure.INCREASE YOUR SALES This web traffic is perfectly tailored for anyone who is selling a product, service or idea. Your website is seen by real people who will see your product or service giving you the sales and signups you truly deserve.******************************************************************************************************************
Please Test Your URL With The URL Checker Before Placing Your Order
Please CLICK HERE and check your website loads within an iframe and does not break frame or re direct.
Websites must not contain frame-breakers, rotators, gambling, PTP, adult, warez and illegal or hate content.
How Many Visitors Will I Get?Is The Traffic AdSense Safe?​Your website will receive 300 Days real human visitors guaranteed. Your campaign for 300 Days visitors will receive 500 – 2,000+ daily visitors depending on the amount of website traffic the site is receiving. Once your website has been approved and added to the site you will instantly start receiving real human website visitors. If you purchase speed credits with your order then note that each speed credit is equivalent to one coop exchange slot and each speed credit will provide an extra 500 – 2,000+ website visitors daily.Unfortunately although this is real human website traffic it is NOT Adsense safe, the reason it is NOT AdSense safe is because your website will be promoted across Paid To Click, Revenue Share and Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges and promoting AdSense on these sort of sites is against AdSense policies. All other ad networks are safe, although I would recommend using AdHitz as their ads are perfect and clicks are better than AdSense.——–******************************************************************************************************************
All Orders Are Processed Monday To Thursday 09:30 – 17:00 and Friday 09:30 – 16:00
CLICK HERE to view the current time in the United Kingdom and see if I am currently available.
Orders will not be processed and messages will not be replied to outside these hours or during UK bank holidays which can be viewed by CLICKING HERE If you have a question please PM me, i will not answer to comments on this page******************************************************************************************************************
The URL you submit with your order is the only page I will promote and is shown via the Interweb Advertising “Coop Exchange” page which can be viewed here, because of this I can not say what the bounce rate or click through rate for your campaign will be as I can not control visitor actions and it is up to the visitor alone whether or not they browse your website.

Sales and signups can be achieved and have been achieved by many customers, however I just provide website traffic and I can not guarantee sales or signups as naturally I can not control any of the website visitors actions on your website.

Custom traffic sources can not be set on campaigns, all traffic will show as coming from interwebadvertising.com.

GEO targeting is not available for this service, all the traffic I provide with this service is worldwide traffic with approximately
50% USA traffic, 20% UK traffic and 30% of traffic coming from the rest of the world.

Each campaign will receive between 500 – 2,000+ visitors daily and this will vary from day to day depending on how much traffic Interweb Advertising is receiving and how many current active campaigns are running in the system.

The daily amount of visitors can not be set and you can multiply the daily traffic by purchasing “speed credits” with your order, each speed credit is equivalent to 500 – 2,000+ daily visitors.

You may promote any website or affiliate link you like with this service providing it will load within an iframe, does not re direct to another website or contain frame-breakers, rotators, gambling, PTP, adult, warez and illegal or hate content.

You will be able to track this traffic with Google Analytics and a campaign will be created for you on Interweb Advertising where you can view your campaign statistics in real time and view how many visits you have left on your campaign.
As Interweb Advertising records visitors in real time and only when a website has been viewed on the site I will not be held responsible if third party tracking systems do not match the stats on the Interweb Advertising website.
(* This service is for 1 URL using 1 coop exchange slot (Orders CAN NOT be split between multiple URL’s) *).
Due to the type of service being provided and limitations on most of the Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges used shortened and tracking URL’s are not allowed. All URL’s must be in their original form, if you submit a shortened or tracking URL with your order then your order will be rejected. (Sorry but I have to abide by the TOS on the traffic exchanges)
By placing your order you agree to your order being marked as delivered once your campaign has been set up
By ordering this service you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms of the order which can be viewed by CLICKING HERE
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