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I will embed your Youtube upload that is suitable for most audiences (pg13) on 11 websites: Websites/Blogs, and a 1 Facebook page. I provided you with the URLs of the embeds once complete.  NO CBD, NO adult- English Only 

Did you know that 300 hundred hours of footage are uploaded every minute because we know video is one of the most engaging forms of our communications?  Therefore, making the “Google Bot” discovery as well as ‘relevance’ critically important on today’s crowded internet.  

FAQ(read below)

You will be asked to provide 5 to 9 terms or phrases you would like to be seen as related to your video.  If you are not sure what those should feel free to message me for input. Typically those maybe about the content in the video or about those involved in the making of the video.

Written Content (required)

Remember the bots cannot watch your video, therefore, provide 350 to 500 words for the “bots” to better understand. 


This guide shows you how to properly upload your videos, as well as help your channel. Get more Cross Traffic.  Tricks to tell the Youtube Bot (AI) how to relate your videos & Channel. 

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