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When it comes to SEO and Keyword ranking most think that backlinks are the secret sauce that is somehow going to be the answer to all of your prayers. The truth is on-page SEO is as, if not more vital and if done effectively will yield the most movement in the quickest amount of time.

Google is searching for very certain criteria when it comes to ranking keywords and backlinks are only the top of the proverbial iceberg, if you have ever looked at KD (keyword difficulty) in your Semrush dashboard, you will find that optimized content is always the first criterion to rank.

This doesn’t just mean putting the keyword in bold and spamming it across the page, a specific formula must be followed in order to give Google exactly what it wants.

I have a question for you: Are you serious about ranking your pages on your money site? Or do you just like pouring money at backlinks believing that is the answer.

There’s only one test you need to run to find out.

Have a peek on SEO clerks, go through all of the 1000’s of reviews. How many of the people that buy backlinks are currently in the top 20 for their chosen keywords, do you think? So, if that’s the case, just keep doing what you’re doing and cross your fingers.

Otherwise, make a long-term investment. Once a page is optimized for a keyword, it is done. Think of it like a race car, you have created the perfect machine, you didn’t cheap out on parts, you were patient and crafted the ultimate vehicle to get you to the top. Your backlinks are the fuel that will carry you to the finish line after that.

Without the other, neither can function.

If you want to know more, message me and let’s speak about what you are aiming to achieve. I’m not going to mislead you; instead, I’m going to tell you the truth about what you can accomplish given your current situation.

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