I will design all the types of NFT for $50

The best nft art collection design service

I am a professional, hand vetted team for generating high quality unique, random nft collection up to 100,000

Beginner nft art plan

I draw 1 base nft ( character ) and 2 assets in bayc (Bored ape yacht club style) or cartoon illustration style. This is the base nft character for generate nft collection

Advances 1k, 10k nft plan workflow

1 base character

10 background colors

10 types of clothes

10 types of sunglasses

10 types of caps

From above 40 assets, we generate 10k unique nft collection ( 1x10x10x10x10 = 10,000)

Traits, assets amount of nft artworks can be vary according to your requirements ( we can create custom offers according to your requirements )

Feel free to text me anytime. Let’s discuss about your nft project, Do not hesitate to contact me for the inquires


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