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About This Service

We have intensive and diverse 10 years experience with Photoshop. We are professional team.
We take every project seriously and deliver on time. We are ready to revise if we imagine things differently.


Background removal/ changing (1 gig order = 5 easy images or 1 complex image) transparent background/ Blurring. Removing any unwanted objects/ editing any objects. Improve photo quality Creative photo manipulation (1 image $10) Removing braces
Enhancing/adjusting color, lighting contrast. Professional (Amazon, e-bay etc) product photo retouching. Image resizing/cropping Editing your document. Merging photo/ blending photo
Face: Creating perfect looking skin, bags under eyes, remove facial wrinkles, make up enhancement, eyes shadow

Body: Slimming, weight reduction, reshaping, skin smoothing, photo grain and imperfections.

If you have any other Photoshop job, feel free to contact us.

Note: Please don’t place order directly. Have a discussion with us before placing order.

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