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Are you still relying on backlinks to keep your website afloat?

In 2019, It’s QUALITY CONTENT, not quantity, that will fuel your website’s rise through the search page rankings.

The World Wide Web is getting crowded, and only the BEST of the BEST will get to the top. Will it be you, or your competitor?

What will make your content stand out?

1. Correct Grammar: You just can’t compromise on this one.

2. Short and sweet paragraphs – each one a tasty morsel providing food for thought.

3. Relevant prose – know your customers, solve their problems, improve their lives, and keep them hooked.

4. Substance – regurgitating information from the top 3 positions in Google won’t impress anybody. Go deeper and bring something new to the table every time.

5. Search Engine Optimization – Optimum use of keywords throughout your article is the best way to tell the search engines that you know what you’re talking about.

If you need to satisfy Google’s insatiable appetite for quality content, message me today. I’m happy to provide samples.

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