Research 10 Best Long Tail keywords in your niche for $3

Keyword research is the main ingredient that will decide your success in your website. Keyword research is the foundation of the SEO. If you do it correctly, your site will reach success.

Keywords are like a compass for your SEO campaigns: they tell you where to go and whether or not you’re making progress.

Keywords also help you figure out the thoughts, feelings, and desires of your target market. In fact, keyword research is not just a simple thing which you should not forget.

Long tail keywords become the secret sauce of the successful niche web sites in the 21st century. You should target long tail keywords with a decent amount of traffic. Those low competition long tail keywords will rank your site easily.

My this gig is to help you on that requirement. I will find the best Long tail keywords that will help to success in your site.

I will provide you below services for the Basic Gig.

Best 10 Long tail keyword for your site. The report will contain keyword, Keyword Competition, Volume and the bid.
Please see extras for more keywords and competition analysis reports.

Offer: I will provide competition analysis for 1 keyword for free of Charge.

Note: See the sample reports at the images section of this gig.

What I need from you.

I need the seed keyword of your niche site to do my analysis.

Please see below extras if you need more Keywords and Competition Analysis

If you are looking for more Long Tail Keywords,
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