Windows VPS 7 GB+ RAM 30 Days by Subscription for $10

This is for a Windows VPS with 7.5 GB RAM with Unlimited Bandwidth for 30 Days by Subscription.

This service will automatically subscribe you for another 30 days at the end of every 30 days so that your VPS never runs out!

You will get a Windows Server 2008 OS running on 2 Cores with 7.5GB of RAM and 100GB HDD storage space with a 1GBPs Internet Network Speed.

We will give you RDP Access IP address and login details for VPS located in USA/Europe & Asia with a 24/7 uptime guarantee!

We’ll guarantee to your VPS to be up 24/7 for you 100% of the time!

Windows Server 2008 RDP VPS!
Windows Server 2008 RDP VPS
1 GBPS Internet Network Speed
7.5 GB RAM
100 GB HDD storage
2 Core vCPU
Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer
24/7 Uptime Guarantee
Free Replacement Guarantee

Rules and Restrictions

You can use our VPS to do most safe-for-work things like install and run your own software or request for certain apps to be installed for you just state and we’ll do it.
You can’t do anything illegal with them like hacking, DDOS, pr0n or mining.

If you have any questions about anything or want to discuss anything with us send me a message and I’ll respond as fast as I idealmikeCreated: –Category: VPSViewed: 23

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